Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keith Ratliff, Sr., IA/NE NAACP prez, silent, still in bed with NOM's hate group partner while National NAACP speaks out on National Organization for Marriage's cynical ploy to pit gays against blacks

Keith Ratliff, Sr. at anti-gay rally with Vander Plaats, 1/2010
Keith Ratliff, Sr., president of the Iowa-Nebraska NAACP, is an enemy of marriage equality in Iowa and has repeatedly appeared with Bob Vander Plaats, head of the Southern Poverty Law Center-designated heterosexual supremacist hate group, Iowa Family Leader. Vanderplaats organized a joint rally earlier this month with the National Organization for Marriage just before explosive, widely reported disclosures of secret memos from the National Organization for Marriage were unsealed by the state of Maine, which revealed NOM's strategy to set gays and blacks against each other.
Source Too bad Rev. Ratliff doesn't have a thing to say
about NOM's race-baiting. Oh wait. He worked WITH
the NOM/Iowa Family Leader partnership!

The president of the national NAACP has spoken out on the issue, but Ratliff has said nothing. But then, he didn't distinguish himself or his chapter by loudly objecting (as did others) when the Iowa Family Leader said black children were better under slavery than they are now. AKSARBENT wonders how much this right-wing political operative gets paid to represent the supposed interests of black people in two states, when he'll be replaced with someone more in touch with the current views of the organization, and when he'll stop pretending to know the opinions of Martin Luther King on LGBT justice better than King's own wife.
Here's Ratliff helping the Iowa Family Leader and the National Organization for Marriage try to outlaw gay marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships in Iowa, back in March of last year:

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