Thursday, March 29, 2012

Huffington Post 'Gay Voices' contributer blames LGBT bloggers for success of NOM's gays vs. blacks ploy, rips Andy Towle in particular

The National Organization for Marriage must be cackling with glee over The NOM Scandal: No One to Blame But Ourselves! Even after being busted for setting gays on blacks or vice-versa, their strategy still seems to be working, at least in the Huffington Post's nasty broadside against virtually every well-known gay blogger, written by David Kaufman, who surely must be trolling for response links to his name, which is why we won't link to either him or his Huffington Post article. Google it if you must.
     Here's part of his ridiculous exaggeration (although we agree that every blogger who blamed blacks for Prop 8's passage without later correcting themselves should be ashamed.) Emphasis added by AKSARBENT, which absolutely cannot understand Kaufman's problem with Towleroad, a blog we read every day, and in which we detect as filterless an observation of black and white gays and homophobes as we can imagine a white person seeing.
     Kaufman's diatribe sticks in our particular craw because no one lionized black Omaha city councilman Ben Gray for his recent repeated and successful efforts to pass LGBT legislation here in Omaha more than did Towle, who gave Gray more space and mentions in his blog than did any other national blogger, black or white or straight or gay. What supposedly racist Andy Towle is this person talking about? Exactly how did his coverage serve an alleged agenda of dishing up racially divisive posts to the gay community?
     As for claims about benign neglect of n-word comments to his posts, we're surprised, given his daily output, that Towle even has time to go to the bathroom, much less examine every reaction he gets. (Towleroad has linked to and credited AKSARBENT at least a dozen times for various things, but we've never received so much as a line from Towle. For Pete's sake, if he doesn't have time to kibbitz with bloggers whose content he occasionally spotlights for his readers, why would Kaufman think he has time to microscopically sift through his feedback?)
     As for Towleroad readers' "love affair" with the n-word, we'd like to see any such Towleroad comment that wasn't slapped down immediately by other commenters. Does Kaufman really think that a blog which gets more hits per day than the population of most small cities won't attract a few racists? Is that a credible excuse to say his readers have a love affair with the n-word?)
Erroneously blaming African Americans for the passage of Proposition 8, attacking our black president for his, well, blackness, denouncing the black church, demonizing black people (particularly black men), and recklessly encouraging anti-black blog sentiment have been a hallmark of leading LGBT figures ranging from David Mixner and John Aravosis to Andy Towle and Dan Savage.
     Meanwhile, there's Towle, who, via his blog Towleroad, frames post after post in the most racially divisive contexts possible while cynically hiding behind a veneer of impartiality.
Towle's readers have a love affair with the word "nigger" -- which Towle apparently feels no need to remove from his comment feed.
     As for African Americans who do appear within the gay-stream (folks such as Pam Spaulding, John Amaechi, and Don Lemon), rather than add much-needed diversity, they
typically parrot their Caucasian patrons while offering little context and scant criticism.

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