Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Des Moines Register blasts Iowa Family Leader

Note: The following observation was published by the Register before the Iowa Family Leader's wealthy, but petulant partner in judicial intimidation (that would be the National Organization for Marriage) was caught up in its own paper trail of cynical scheming to provoke gay activists into calling black anti-marriage equality activists "bigots," and therefore set two Democratic constituencies against each other.
A thistle to those who gathered at the Iowa Capitol last week to push for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. The group says its message is about love and religious truth, but it looks more like a message of hate and intolerance. There are numerous worthy causes activists can dedicate themselves to if they are trying to make Iowa a better place to live. Trying to strip some Iowans of equal rights is not one of them. Yet some of the people involved in the anti-marriage movement seem to have made a life’s work out of discriminating against others. That goes against Iowa’s long heritage of tolerance.

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