Sunday, March 25, 2012

Billionaire Koch Bros. astroturf group launches new assault on Kerrey-for-Senator candidacy

Radical right-wing billionaire David Koch began attacking Bob Kerrey in Nebraska even before he announced his candidacy. Now his puppet group, Americans for Prosperity, is spending another $105,000  to trash Kerrey educate Nebraskans about his position on Obama's health care initiative, among other things. The yellow ad at left ran on KETV Sunday night just before Kerrey's own "Step Up" ad. You can find it on YouTube but we're not going to embed it here. AKSARBENT won't give free publicity to billionaires unless their ad is unusually stupid. This one is just one dull, uninventive quarter-truth after another.

In his PR release linked to above, Brad Stevens said he wants to get emails at or calls at 402-310-7897 from people who want more information about the group. AKSARBENT would love to know why Americans for Prosperity is against a health care initiative which would cover millions of people who aren't now covered and save the government billions of dollars. But we won't be calling or emailing Brad about that anytime soon. Call us crazy, but we just don't think he would be that into us.

Below are Kerrey's first two ads. The New York Times said they were at, but when AKSARBENT went there, we were shown the digital door by Kerrey's website when we declined to surrender personal information, so we got the ads another way. Politicians.

Below is some of what is bothering the Billionaire Koch brothers and Brad Stevens (

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