Sunday, February 19, 2012

Video: complete press conference of gay AZ sheriff Paul Babeu after accusations that he had his lawyer threaten Babeu's undocumented Mexican ex-boyfriend

I'm not married. I'm a single guy. I don't have a fake girlfriend. These are things that I choose to do...

Why didn't you come out before this?

Because it's my private life. And it's my personal life. I've never worn it on my sleeve. I've had countless women that have have tried to date, to marry me... and I can tell you, I'm off the market...

"Did the Romney Campaign ask you to step down..."

I actually called the Romney Campaign and said 'Hey look, I am actually going to step away from the campaign,' and they said, "We support your decision, sheriff."

Sheriff Paul Babeu Press Conference from Paul Babeu on Vimeo.

Below, Bebeu spins his Obama-bashing appearance on radical right wing Alex Jones radio program.

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