Friday, February 17, 2012

Husband of 700 Club motivational speaker says her boyfriend and two operatives stole his porn

Below: frequent 700 Club guest Tamara Lowe, hypnotically selling Christer snake-oil, in a rapper-ripoff schtick.

Soon-to-be divorced Christian Business Motivational
Seminar kingpins Peter and Tamara Lowe.
The Lowes have built a $100,000,000 business hosting arena-filling Get Motivated Christianity-slanted "business" seminars featuring celebrities like Rudy Giuliani, Joe Montana, Laura Bush, Bill Cosby and Colin Powel.
     After Tamara Lowe recently filed for divorce against her husband of 24 years, fellow motivational speaker Peter Lowe, he accused her in a motion of having her boyfriend and two operatives steal his porn collection...In court, one of the lawyers on the case rattled off the names of some of the magazines taken...
One legal eagle familiar with the case said the couple is desperately trying to keep their split under the radar.
     “The lawyers are letting them negotiate the settlement,” the source said. “Their best interest is to make sure no nasty details leak out.”
     ...Peter’s lawyer, Jeff Fisher, declined comment on what was taken while Peter was on a trip to Las Vegas. According to the filing, Peter’s handyman caught Mitch Steitz, identified as Tamara’s new boyfriend and a former official of Get Motivated Seminars, and two other individuals going through stuff in Peter’s study.

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