Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ex-GEICO announcer rips Romney in parody video

OOPS... AKSARBENT discovers via a patient commenter that it is probably news to D.C. Douglas' girlfriend that he is gay, as we falsely stated. Also, Lance Baxter is a character name, not a real one.
      But other than that AKSARBENT did a fine job of getting the facts straight, ahem.

Gay voiceover artist DC Douglas used to narrate GEICO ads before the company fired him after he left a choice voicemail for Dick Armey's right-wing Astroturf organization, FreedomWorks. Although the Warren Buffett company came down hard on the extracurricular political activities of Douglas (real name:AKA "Lance Baxter") it didn't mind hiring top-40 homophobe Charlie Daniels to do ads for GEICO. Maybe it's because Warren Buffett appears to be personally rather uncomfortable with the whole LGBT idea...

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  1. Um, wow, where do I begin. Lance Baxter is a character name, not a real name. See:

    Also, DC is not gay. He supports the LGBT community, as evidenced by his NOH8 picture with his girlfriend (see his Facebook Fan page), but not gay.

    Great video, tho. You should also check out his NOH8 video and OWS: