Sunday, December 25, 2011

Short takes: Brando, Warhorse, blind dog's guide dog and AKSARBENT learns a new word

A blind dog with his own guide dog

Christopher Hitchens' unforgivable mistake

Danish MP wants Hans Christian Andersen gay festival (link NSFW)

Why no one's investigating Wall Street 

Chinese hackers broke into the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and gained access to everything on its systems including information about its 3,000,000 members 

This .gif (of Marlon Brando, back in the day) supposedly turns straight men gay... except when it doesn't (see comment by breathesrain)

War on drugs is mostly a war on young people

Latino veteran has an encounter with Arpaio's officers; not expected to survive

AKSARBENT's new word for the day is CALLIPYGIAN. Thank you, commenter petuniadewitt Why, yes we were were perusing Roger Ebert's retweet of the funniest headlines of 2011. However did you guess?

Peter Knegt thinks Warhorse is totally gay and makes a pretty good case for his contention

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  1. Wow, these people are clever to get into classified information. Hope that the information they've got will be use in the proper way.