Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rick Perry claims question about Supreme Court decision (mentioned in his own latest book) is a "gotcha" question; doesn't remember the case

Today, in Cedar Rapids' Blue Strawberry Cafe, Rick Perry admitted he had no idea what the celebrated Lawrence vs. Texas decision, which nullified sodomy laws in Texas and 13 other states, was about — despite the fact that there is a reference to it in his latest book, Fed Up.

Here's the reference:
"Since I have been governor, a significant number of cases involving Texas or Texans have gone to the U.S. Supreme Court. From posting the Ten Commandments in the public square to our right to execute a murdering rapist who happens to be a foreign national, we have had to kiss the ring of the Court and have done so, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Texans have long been involved in significant decisions before the Court, and often we have been told we can’t do something. To name a few: Roe v. Wade (legalizing abortion), Plyler v. Doe (requiring the education of children who are illegal immigrants), Lawrence v. Texas (outlawing anti-sodomy laws), Santa Fe Independent School District (prohibiting student-led prayer at football games), League of Latin American Citizens v. Perry (ordering the reconfiguration of a congressional district), and numerous others. It seems Texans have a different view of the world than do the nine oligarchs in robes.”

ABC says the issue came up when a man asked Perry to defend his criticism of limited government in the case.
Asked by Ken Herman, a columnist with the Austin American Statesman, for clarification on whether he knew what the case concerned, Perry responded, “I’m not taking the bar exam…I don’t know what a lot of legal cases involve.”
The decision actually limited the power of government by declaring off limits police intrusion into a bedroom of two consenting adults to enforce sodomy laws. Perry's book complains that this decision limiting government's power was actually an assault on limited government. Apparently Perry only cares about limiting federal not state power.

Or perhaps a ghost writer penned the book and Perry hasn't bothered to read it.

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