Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This Christmas, buy American!

Yesterday, ABC's newscast reminded Americans that if they devoted just slightly under 10% of the average $700 they will pay for Christmas gifts this season, specifically $64, to gifts made in America, they could create 200,000 US jobs instantly. AKSARBENT heartily concurs and wonders why people load up on cheap Asian merchandise when they could acquire fine American products instead.

For example, this heirloom-to-be, of inestimable value, is manufactured lovingly crafted right here at home in the good, old US of A, by Thomas "This one's for you, Walt!*" Kinkade, America's most-collected living artist.

*From Wikipedia:
The Los Angeles Times has reported that some of Kinkade's former colleagues, employees, and even collectors of his work say that he has a long history of cursing and heckling other artists and performers. The Times further reported that he openly groped a woman's breasts at a South Bend, Indiana, sales event, and mentioned his proclivity for ritual territory marking through urination, once relieving himself on a Winnie the Pooh figure at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim while saying "This one’s for you, Walt." In a letter to licensed gallery owners acknowledging he may have behaved badly during a stressful time when he overindulged in food and drink, Kinkade said accounts of the alcohol-related incidents included "exaggerated, and in some cases outright fabricated personal accusations." The letter did not address any incident specifically.
     In 2006 John Dandois, Media Arts Group executive, recounted a story that on one occasion ("about six years ago") Kinkade became drunk at a Siegfried & Roy magic show in Las Vegas and began shouting "Codpiece! Codpiece!" at the performers. Eventually he was calmed by his mother. Dandois also said of Kinkade, "Thom would be fine, he would be drinking, and then all of a sudden, you couldn't tell where the boundary was, and then he became very incoherent, and he would start cussing and doing a lot of weird stuff." On 11 June 2010, Kinkade was arrested in Carmel, California on suspicion of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

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