Wednesday, November 23, 2011

National Organization for Marriage subsidiary issues 'handy ammo' talking points for your Thanksgiving dinner:

Via Good As You come these marching orders for your Thanksgiving Day feast, courtesy of NOM, which wants more of your limitless supply of money right now so that they can create even more subsidiaries, go on more road trips, and ensure that their president can continue to enjoy living on a million-dollar house on five-acre mini-estate in Virginia.
  1. State your position briefly
  2. Refute the charge of bigotry (Making gay couples strangers to the law is "common sense!")
  3. A call to tolerance (We're "not ALL haters or bigots!")
"Repeat step three as often as necessary or until they bring in the pie."

By God that's it! Instead of Glitter Bombs, gay activists should distract Maggie Gallagher with a pie every time she is about to step in front of a television camera!

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