Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Karl Rove's secretly funded attack ads on Ben Nelson: mostly false

Three quarters of the funding of Karl Rove's political attacks are anonymous — which demonstrates just how sinister a political operative Rove has become.

From FactCheck.org
  • Crossroads GPS ads recycle an old claim about support for the stimulus bill, saying that Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson and Kaine voted for projects that weren’t specifically mentioned in the legislation. They also misconstrue an “office upgrades” project, claiming it was $39 million worth of “wasteful spending,” though it was actually low-interest financing assistance.
  • The ad targeting Nelson exaggerates when it says the stimulus was “a bill Nelson helped write.” Nelson’s most notable contribution to the stimulus was a bipartisan agreement to trim $110 billion worth of proposed spending.
  • The ad also ties Nelson to Obama, claiming that “whenever Obama needs him, Ben Nelson’s there with another blank check.” But Nelson has voted along with the Democratic Party less than any other Democratic senator; he recently voted against allowing Obama’s $447 billion jobs bill to move forward.
From the Nebraska Democratic Party:
Submitted by Brandon on 17 November 2011 - 3:25pm
     Late last week, Karl Rove's group, Crossroads GPS, launched another
$160,000 of factually misleading attack ads aimed at Ben Nelson.
     According to our ad buyers that is on top of more than $500,000 outside
groups like Rove's have spent attacking Ben Nelson this year.
     Now, FactCheck.org has reviewed the ad and concluded it fits the pattern
of Rove's group misleading voters and twisting the facts.
     Another fact checking organization, Politifact, found the majority of Rove's claims were false during the 2010 elections. And a different organization created by Rove, American Crossroads, received similarly negative ratings for its misleading claims.

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