Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gay HS student athlete documentary,
'Out for the Long Run' to be screened in Hartford CT

The Hartford Courant reports that "Out for the Long Run," a documentary profile of four openly gay student athletes will be screened at the EROS Film Festival, the student-run offshoot of the Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival,  Wednesday, Nov. 2, through Saturday, Nov. 6 at Cinestudio in Hartford.
"Out for the Long Run" profiles four openly gay student-athletes, male and female. The film's director, Scott Bloom, will be present at the screening, as will Green, and possibly Green's parents.
     Green [a subject of the film] said in a phone interview from New London that Bloom found him, and the other athletes, through a query on a Facebook group for gay athletes.
     Bloom found that college was more accepting of gay athletes than high school or the pros. "College is larger and a better-educated atmosphere. Kids are not in that fishbowl that high school is," he said. "Then they get to pro sports, then it closes down again. … All of the pro athletes I know now who are gay all came out after their careers were over."

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