Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gay Heidelberg, PA man set on fire; Police chief tells TV reporter he'll send attackers a summons in the mail

Heidelberg Police Chief Vernon Barkley, seen here
in a television report on a different crime
Timyka Artist of WPXI reported that Steven Iorio's leg was set on fire after he passed out in a friend's apartment after a night of drinking at the Heidelway Bar, in Heidelberg PA, near Pittsburgh.

A witness said Iorio's acquaintances wrote "disgusting" things on his pants, drew on his face, poured Bacardi 151 on his leg and then set it afire because he is gay.

The two suspects, Brandon Washington and David Blair, were not arrested by the Heidelberg PD, but they WILL receive a SUMMONS in the mail, as they have been charged with aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation. Timyka Artist made several unsuccessful attempts to contact the Heidelberg Chief of Police, so she went to his office. He told her he was "too busy to talk right now." Artist, as of her report, was "still waiting for him to call us back."

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