Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Darrel Choat, Albion, NE native, recounts Marine reaction to his coming out on NPR after end of DADT

CAMP RIPPER, Iraq - Regimental Combat Team-2 awards officer Capt.
Darrel L. Choat (left), 42-year-old Albion, Neb., native, and Cpl. Paul N. Ibarra,
a 20-year-old Brooklyn-Mill Basin, N.Y., native and administrative clerk,
discuss work while working late one night. 2005 photo by Cpl. Ken Melton.
Well, one buddy leaned over and said, hey, were you on NPR this morning? And I said yes. Then, well, what was that about? And I said, well, "don't ask, don't tell" ended today. And he looks at me and he goes, yeah - so? And I says, well, it was about "don't ask, don't tell" ending today. And he goes, Oh. Then he finally got it.

At this point AKSARBENT supposes it would be just mean to dredge up the chant which used to be popular in the Air Force: "If you have a low IQ, you can be a jarhead too. Onnnnnne.......two. Onnnnnne.......two.

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