Monday, September 26, 2011

ABC's Desperate Housewives attacks Atheists; Marc Cherry onboard with the Christers-as-victims program

Last night's episode mentioned, in passing, the death of class rodent mascot Cupcake, whose burial occasioned a mini-meltdown as Susan obsessed over her coverup of Carlos' lethal reaction to intimidation of his wife by her stepfather/abuser. Typical Marc Cherry strange: trivializing (and worse) the church that allowed the abuse of Gabby to continue (a church which demonizes gay people like Cherry himself) then pandering to its adherents by taking a swipe at people who work to stop religious incursions in public schools. Here's the snippet of dialogue which aired last night:
There's a little spot in the garden where we bury the class pets... Have a little funeral, say a few words. Just don't mention god. Amanda's parents are atheists, lawyers and MAJOR douches.

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