Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Short takes: $25 PC; Diamonds aren't forever; Hell's Angels sue for copyright infringement; Did a cuckolded Bill O'Reilly have wife's cop boyfriend investigated?

How can you have a PC industry when computers cost $25?

Three charts to mail to your right-wing brother-in-law.

Did Bill O'Reilly have his wife's cop boyfriend investigated by internal affairs?

Steve Jobs is not well at all.

Hell's Angels sue for copyright infringement.

Diamonds are not forever — in fact scientists can't make a diamond-based UV laser that lasts for more than 10 minutes.

Thieves use sleeping gas to rob occupied villas at Italian billionaires' resort.

Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson and the U.S. attorney for Arizona are pushed out after  Operation Fast and Furious gun-trafficking investigation failed miserably, allowing hundreds of firearms to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartel enforcers and U.S. criminals.

Republican politicians banned from Wausau Wisconsin Labor Day parade.

1 comment:

  1. since o'lielley's wife previously had a relationship with Flavor Flav, i don't see how he could be surprised or unhappy that she has a boyfriend after they separate. he must be confused, so i will keep this brief for bill's benefit. you. don't. own. her. asshole.

    and way to go Wausau!

    the diamond UV thing had been speculated for a long time. its nice to see it proven.

    steve jobs.... if he could relocate to botswana and pay millions of dollars to the ruling party to put himself at the front of the line for whatever cures what ails him, and it involved a busload of nuns going over a cliff, he would do it. guaranteed. just ask the people of Tennessee who were on the list for a new liver.