Tuesday, August 30, 2011

El Paso Times, your heterosexual supremacist news leader!

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After reading the Advocate's description of an especially nasty full-page ad/diatribe against gay people from an El Paso Catholic-church-on-the-make, AKSARBENT learned more about the history of that fine Texas newspaper from the Dallas Voice:
An anti-gay Catholic priest took out a full-page ad (right) in the El Paso Times over the weekend calling gays “immoral,” “putrid” and “depraved.” The ad, taken out by Friar Michael Rodriguez of El Paso’s San Juan Bautista Catholic Church, has since been removed from the newspaper’s website, according to The Advocate, which contacted the newspaper about its advertising policy but didn’t hear back. It’s hardly surprising that the EPT ran this ad. In fact, it may represent an improvement since the newspaper used to give Rodriguez free space to spout his hatred. Just last year, the EPT published an op-ed piece in which Rodriguez compared homosexuality to rape and said those who don’t actively oppose gay rights are damned to hell.

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