Saturday, July 16, 2011

Omaha World-Herald pretends that bogus Bachmann denial of gay slur can't be refuted after MSNBC did so

A mostly-sympathetic article on poor, picked-on Marcus Bachmann ("...husband in unwanted spotlight") published today by the Omaha World-Herald ended with the following:
In the Star Tribune interview, Marcus Bachmann said that interview clip was doctored and that he would never call gay people barbarians. "That's not my mindset. That's not my belief system," he told the newspaper.

The original interview was not available on the Point of View website, and the company was unable to provide a copy of it Friday.
Had the World-Herald wanted to, it could easily have exposed as false Bachmann's denial of his gay slur by viewing the unedited context of the interview from which the supposedly "doctored" segment was taken.

MSNBC aired it and it was available on YouTube before the World-Herald published its story.

Perhaps the Herald is Google-impaired.

Or perhaps it likes to provide cover for those liars who happen to be political conservatives.

Or perhaps it doesn't consider to be newsworthy the fact that a major cable news network proved Bachmann's 'doctored' claim to be an outrageous falsehood and that such proof was available to anyone in the world with internet access the day before before the World-Herald edition which implied that an unedited version of Bachmann's toxic remarks was unavailable.

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