Friday, July 15, 2011

Lee Terry shows up at Koch bros. astroturf gathering, parrots American Petroleum Institute propaganda

Bold Nebraska caught up with Nebraska Rep. Lee Terry recently, as he repeated Koch brothers / American Petroleum Institute talking points at a poorly attended Americans for Prosperity rally. AFP is an astroturf group funded by the Koch brothers. Here's an excerpt. Click the link above to read Bold Nebraska's complete story.
Rep. TransCanada recently spoke at poorly attended rally hosted by the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity.  There, he opined on the need to make our country energy independent (which we agree on) and how President Obama is to blame for our high gas prices (which we disagree on).

     But showing up at an AFP rally isn’t the only evidence we have against Congressman TransCanada.  We were just as disturbed by his presence as we were by his actual speech.  He tried to paint some half-brained picture of TransCanada’s Keystone XL being a choice between Venezuelan oil and Canadian oil that are essentially the same thing.
     Well, we know that’s 100% wrong.  Comparing the Venezuelan crude with Canadadian tar sands is like comparing American football with international football (aka "soccer").  Sure, they've got the same name, but they're totally different games.
     The Keystone XL will carry tar sands oil that has to be heavily diluted with chemicals so that it can flow through pipes.  It’s highly corrosive which means the pipeline is much more likely to leak than traditional crude pipelines. [It's also under enormous pressure, 1400-1600 PSI and the sand is, of course, abrasive. It's also hot — up to 160 degress — AKSARBENT]  We’ve seen the proof of that this summer with the first Keystone pipeline having 12 leaks in less than 1 year.
     What’s more, we’ve heard this “Venezuela vs. Canada” rhetoric from someone else: a spokeswoman for the American Petroleum Institute.  API is a mouthpiece for TransCanada and the Koch brothers.  We wish we were shocked to hear Rep. TransCanada parroting special interest lobbyists, but he’s done it before.
     Instead of listening to citizens like Randy Thompson, Nebraska’s congressman from the Second District has become the spokesman for TransCanada.  Instead taking our concerns to DC, he’s telling us what TransCanada and the Koch Brothers want.

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