Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kent Sorenson's boss, Michele Bachmann, and her quack husband's taxpayer-funded scam business exposed by ABC Nightline

Minnesota is one of the few places in the USA in which unlicensed people can open a mental health practice. Perfect for someone whose credentials are as dubious as Dr. Marcus Bachmann's.
(Via Joe My God; see blog list.)

Below, Bachmann exhibits incredibly arrogant hypocrisy by refusing to answer questions about her and her husband's clinic. Her excuse: "I'm here to talk about jobs." Too bad the interviewer didn't ask why — if Michele is as good at "job creation" as she claims — the Bachmanns slopped like pigs at the government trough to get tens of thousands of state and federal dollars for "job training" at their Christian counseling clinic, which cynically perpetrated the debunked hoax of "reparative therapy" for homosexuality — at $73 per hour.

Actually the Bachmanns were shamelessly double-dipping: government money for job training for their staff and more government money (well over $100,000) in Medicaid payments for the hapless gay victims (and others) that they may have made worse by professionally discredited "therapy."

Nice work if you can get it. Even better if you can get the government to pay for it by fleecing taxpayers and you get to pocket the money.

Small wonder that Bachmann's Iowa campaign and its chairman, Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson (R-Indianola) won't provide meaningful answers about the clinic.

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