Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Calen, age 5, meets his first gay couple

In the scary, but lucrative, anti-gay for pay fantasy world of the National Organization for Marriage, American Family Association, Family Research Council, Mission America, et al., the most terrifying scenario is children — impressionable children — being exposed to self-identified homosexuals. It's the horror show that has launched a thousand campaign ads from Anita Bryant to Maggie Gallagher.

In the real world, where people have regular jobs that don't involve professionally grinding homophobic axes, the above scenario plays out much differently.

“I usually see husbands and wives,” 5-year-old Calen says, speaking to a gay couple in a 2010 video. “But this is the first time I’ve seen husbands and husbands. How funny. So, that means you love each other? Yeah. You’re much alike — you’re much alike. Okay I’m going to play ping-pong now. You can play if you want to.”

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