Friday, June 17, 2011

Sarah Palin 'documentary' Undefeated denied Field of Dreams venue for premiere

Field of Dreams movie site, Dyersville, Iowa. Photo: samuelalove, Flickr
Tuesday, ABC News' Sheila Marikar reported that Stephen K. Bannon, maker of the new campaign documentary about the former Alaska governor, "The Undefeated," confessed that he wanted to debut the film in Dyersville, Iowa's iconic baseball field.
"We tried to get the Field of Dreams but they just don't do these things," he told reporters after a Monday night screening in New York. Instead, he said the still-in-the-works premiere will happen in "a barn or a cornfield or a town square. It'll be the very Iowa-ness of the place."
Apparently, Bannon has spent so much time around Palin that he's beginning to talk like her.

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