Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Outgoing US Ambassador blasts Afghan president

"I must tell you that I find occasional comments from some of your leaders hurtful and inappropriate," Eikenberry said Sunday. "When we hear ourselves being called occupiers and worse and our generous aid programs are being dismissed as totally ineffective and the source of all corruption, our pride is offended and we begin to lose our inspiration to carry on...
     Mothers and fathers of fallen soldiers, spouses of soldiers who have lost arms and legs, children of those who have lost their lives in this country," Eikenberry said. "They ask themselves about the meaning of their loved ones' sacrifices...
     When Americans who are serving in your country at great cost in terms of our lives and treasures, when they hear themselves compared with occupiers and told that they are only here to advance their own narrow interests and likened to the brutal enemies of the Afghan people, my people in turn are filled with confusion and they grow weary of our effort here."

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