Friday, June 24, 2011

NYT rips gulf between Albany's public same-sex marriage debate outside Capitol — and the furtive one within

Today's New York Times editorial about the contentious same-sex marriage negotiations going on behind closed doors in Albany, New York wonders if proponents are compromising too much and why so much secrecy is being imposed. Aksarbent thinks the answer to the first question explains the riddle posed by the second.
...Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, said on Thursday that he had seen revised language for the governor’s marriage-equality bill and that it was “acceptable.” But he refused to share it with the public.

The issue — apparently — has been how far Republicans could push same-sex marriage advocates for special exceptions. The big question became whether nonprofit groups affiliated with religious institutions can bar ceremonies or wedding parties on their property because the couple are of the same gender. Mr. Cuomo’s bill handled the balance between religious freedom and the freedom against discrimination just right. No one needed to change it, and especially not furtively.

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