Monday, June 20, 2011

Holland, Michigan nixes gay rights ordinance; affiliate of AFA hate group attacks pro-gay council members

Gary Glenn
Even though Holland Michigan's proposed expansion of its antidiscrimination ordinance to gay people include a huge loophole exempting religious organizations, their educational programs, and institutions that address housing, employment, education and other services, the proposal still failed, 5-4.

Despite that, Gary Glenn of The Campaign for Michigan Families, which is affiliated with the Michigan chapter of the American Family Association, a SPLC-designated hate group, wants to get rid of all the council members who vote for the proposal.

In a prepared statement which has become boiler­plate for the anti-gay for pay industry, Glenn said: "Given the serious threat these discriminatory gay rights ordinances have proven to pose to religious freedom in other communities, pro-family residents of Holland can't afford the risk that a single council member might be replaced or pressured to change his vote and allow such a dangerous policy to become law."

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