Monday, June 27, 2011

Face The Nation: Bob Schieffer asks Michele Bachmann if homosexuality is a choice

Below, Michele Bachmann tells Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that she simultaneously supports state's rights in respect of gay marriage and supports a federal constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in all states.

Below is an excerpt of the transcript published by CBS News' Face The Nation of Rep. Bachmann's appearance on that show, as seen below.

BOB SCHIEFFER: And we’re back now with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Congresswoman, Friday night, New York became the largest state yet to legalize same-sex marriage. I wonder what you think that portends for the rest of the country. I know you were a strong opponent--
BOB SCHIEFFER: --of same sex marriage when you were back in Minnesota--hadn’t said much about it lately. What do you-- what do you think this means?
REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, I stand for the proposition that marriage is between a man and a woman. I think that Minnesota, for instance, this year just about a month ago or so, passed that the legislative level, the constitutional amendment to allow the people to decide what the definition of marriage will be so that ballot question will be on the ballot in 2012. The people of New York came to a different conclusion. I think what we know is that ultimately you have all the various laws in the various states. There will be a conflict. If someone from Pennsylvania or from New York, for instance, moves to a state where marriage is between a man and a woman, will these marriages be recognized? Ultimately, it will go to the courts. As President of the United States, I will only nominate judges who are not act-- activist judges, who are not legislating from the bench. And so I think that’s why it’s going to be very important to have this--
BOB SCHIEFFER (overlapping): Would-- would that be a litmus test for you, someone who was for same-sex marriage?
REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN: I want people who are for the Constitution. That’s my litmus test. I want judges who are committed to the fidelity of the Constitution--
BOB SCHIEFFER (overlapping): So--
REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN: --and not acting outside the bounds of Article III.9
BOB SCHIEFFER: So a person who may have been on the record as saying he favored same-sex marriage, you wouldn’t disqualify that person for nominating them to the Supreme Court?
REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN: My primary test will be the Constitution. They need to be a strong constitutionalist and recognize that just as the justices should not act outside the-- of the bounds, neither should the Congress--
BOB SCHIEFFER (overlapping): I-- I--
REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN: --neither should the President.
BOB SCHIEFFER: I have to say I don’t think you answered the question but I’ll go on.
REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, no if you-- if you want to go further, we will.
BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, I mean, are you saying you would not nominate someone to the court who favored same-sex marriage?
REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN: I-- I know what my view is on marriage. And, of course, I would-- I would find the best, most highly-qualified justice that there is because it’s a very important--
BOB SCHIEFFER (overlapping): Do you--
BOB SCHIEFFER: Do you think homosexuality is a choice?
REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN: You know, I-- I firmly believe that people need to make their own decisions about that. But I am running for the presidency of the United States. I am not running to be anyone’s judge. And that’s-- that’s where I’m coming from in this race.

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