Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ayman al-Zawahr, new Al-Queda CEO, once put a repeatedly raped teen on trial, then personally shot him in the head. Source: Bin Laden's son, Omar

Ayman al-Zawahr, left, with Osama Bin Laden in 1998
Via Towleroad (see blog list, below right) comes this reminder by the New York Times:
One dark tale from Mr. Zawahri’s past is recounted in “Growing Up Bin Laden,” a 2008 memoir by Bin   Laden’s son Omar bin Laden.
     He describes an episode in Afghanistan in the 1990s when a friend — a teenage boy — was raped by several men in the camp where they lived. The men snapped photos of the abuse and circulated them as a joke.
     Mr. Zawahri was incensed by the photo, believing that the young man was guilty of homosexual activity, Omar bin Laden wrote. Mr. Zawahri had the teenager put on trial and condemned to death.
     “My friend was dragged into a room with Zawahri, who shot him in the head,” he wrote. The episode was a factor, he said, in his decision to break with his father and leave Afghanistan.

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