Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Video surfaces of tantrum by anti-gay Colorado Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg

A video has surfaced on the web site of the Colorado Independent showing Jerry Sonnenberg, one of the six Colorado Republicans who killed that state's civil union bill last week, blowing up in front of a medical marijuana advocate, apparently dropping the F-bomb and ripping up a bill amendment. Things started to get heated at about 1:45 when Sonnenberg attempts to stop the videotaping.
     In 2008, Sonnenberg's ranch hand, Jonnie Walker, had to get special permission from a judge to work with Sonnenberg's two teenage boys, because at the time he was facing sexual predator charges.
     Later, Sonnenberg told the Colorado Independent that activist Miguel Lopez had been kicked out of the Colorado capitol building and had spit on lobbyist Kara Miller. The video, released by the 420 Coalition's "Cap'n Cannabis" shows neither, and ends with a blunt song that leaves no doubt about the singer's choice in cigarettes.
     Ironically, Sonnenberg was trying to pass an amendment to get rid of mandated video surveillance of customers at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries.

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