Friday, April 15, 2011

Craig Ferguson takes Vegas road trip, eats hallucinogenic custard, gets gay married

On Thursday, after teasing his audience all week, Craig Ferguson showed the video of last weekend's trip to Vegas.

"Secretariat:" You're tripping your balls off so badly...I sound like Morgan Freeman.
Let me be your spirit guide. You must go to the top of the Stratosphere.
There you will meet a Romanian gentleman with an eye patch.
You must tap him three times on the shoulder and he will illuminate your past.
Ferguson: Couldn't we just go to a strip club?
"Secretariat:" Or you can go to a strip club.
Geoff: Oh, my God. Look at all those wieners!
Craig: Geoff, please, you think everything's a wiener.

Hello Gentlemen. Would you like to eat some suggestively-shaped foods?
Do you, gay robot, take this Liza Minelli impersonator to be your twisted sex fantasy?"

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