Monday, February 21, 2011

SD State Rep. Roger Hunt introduces bill forcing abortion-seeking women to get approval from anti-abortion counseling centers

South Dakota State Rep. Roger Hunt
605-224-6877 or email here
Right Wing Watch reports that a South Dakota state representative has introduced a bill forcing women seeking an abortion to first obtain approval from an anti-abortion* "counseling" center. Such centers are not typically staffed by medical professionals.
A 2006 Congressional report found that such pregnancy centers frequently employ misleading and fallacious information to link abortion to breast cancer, infertility and other fertility problems, and severe psychological problems such as an increased chance of suicide. “The vast majority of the federally funded pregnancy resource centers contacted during the investigation provided information about the risks of abortion that was false or misleading,” according to the investigation, “In many cases, this information was grossly inaccurate or distorted.”
The National Abortion Federation also notes that such centers are mostly staffed by volunteers whose “main qualifications are a commitment to Christianity and anti-choice beliefs,” rather than medical professionals, and “many CPCs are connected with religious organizations, but few disclose that fact in their advertising.” And a report by The Daily Beast looked into the propaganda tools and medically-unsound practices commonplace at such pregnancy centers.
*The bill only approves a center that does not “perform abortions and is not affiliated with any physician or entity that performs abortions, and does not now refer pregnant mothers for abortions, and has not referred any pregnant mother for abortions for the three-year period.”

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