Saturday, February 5, 2011

National and Iowa reaction to Zach Wahls' speech defending his two moms; Iowa Republican lawmakers are given pause

Zach Wahl's testimony to the Iowa House defending his two moms in the face of a GOP assault on same sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships has now gone viral on YouTube. The million+ hits the video has received has made it one of youtube's most-seen new videos this week. (If you'd like to see the transcript, click here.)

The video also has reverberated throughout Iowa. While not changing any Republican House members' votes, it has given them pause. The younger, shrewder ones have begun to realize that the center of Iowa's body politic is shifting, and that hitching their political future to the LDS/Vander Plaats/NOM wagon may not be in their best long-term interest. (In the first clip watch Rep. Josh Byrnes (R-Mason City) cynically backpedal after voting to legally destroy gay families in Iowa.)

Here are two clips, from local and national television, including a post-speech interview with Wahls on CBS. If the second clip doesn't display in your browser, see it here.

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