Friday, February 25, 2011

Hundreds protest outside Koch Bros. new Madison, WI lobbying office; new documentary exposes Koch's corrosive influence

Ben Pierson/The Cardinal/University of Wisconsin, Madison
Samy Moskol of The Cardinal, the University of Wisconsin-Madison newspaper, reports that demonstra­tors rallied Thursday outside the new office on Doty Street for the Koch brothers, two Kansas billionaires who support Walker.
      The standoff between the Walker administration and thousands of protesters continued Thursday as legislators curbed TAA (Teacher's Assistants Association) influence within the capitol building and demonstrators   protested the Walker administration's resistance to negotiation in front of Koch Industries' new lobbying office on Doty St.
     David and Charles Koch are co-owners of Koch Industries, and energy company that contributed $43,000 to Walker's campaign, and are key supporters of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative lobbying group that organized the presence of Tea Party protesters last Saturday.

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