Sunday, February 20, 2011

The death of young Jon Bruning, a Nebraska tragedy...

Honor Indians Institute
In 2007, Kyle Michaelis, of brought the two-faced careerism of political opportunist and Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning into sharp relief when he published "The Death of Young Jon Bruning, a Nebraska Tragedy," wherein he called attention to the columns Bruning wrote as a student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln for the Daily Nebraskan.

Subsequently, Bold Nebraska published all of Bruning's DN articles, even referring to one of them in dubbing him "Wrong Way Jon," which was apparently a testament to his collegiate basketball prowess.

Now, even National Journal and Politico have gotten into the act.

So, since what the local blogs have published have now been laundered through the national websites, isn't it time for the Nebraska dead tree opinion-makers to weigh in? The Lincoln Journal-Star did, today.

At Aksarbent we suspect that the Omaha World-Herald will either ignore the story or spin it for Jon, unless Don Stenberg runs for the Senate, in which case we suspect the Herald will giddily dump Jon Bruning's lifetime achievements in cynical pandering to opposite political ideologies over his head like a colander of spaghetti.

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