Monday, January 31, 2011

Red vs. Blue at Iowa House HJR 6 hearing

Iowa House HJR 6 Public Hearing 1/31/11 (Aksarbent)

Depending on whose account you favor, 50-70 speakers (Blue=progay, Red=anti) alternately (by house arrangement) urged, then decried the passage of HJR 6 in tonight's house chamber hearing before an overflowing gallery crowd. Many who signed up to speak weren't able to. HJR 6 will, if adopted by the Iowa House and Senate twice in succeeding sessions, allow the public to vote to amend Iowa's constitution to ban same sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Iowa House HJR 6 Public Hearing 1/31/11 (Aksarbent)
Oneiowa sent out tweets throughout the hearing. Some of the more interesting:
One Iowa's exec director Carolyn Jenison with partner Angela in the House Gallery.

Anti-gay Sen. Kent Sorenson [and quite an all-round jerk — AKSARBENT] goes to introduce himself during the #HJR6 public hearing and the mic goes out. #ialegis

Ken Sager IA Federation of Labor against #HJR6: "What does this bill have to do with jobs?" #ialegis

Cindy Powell, with spouse Gayla Snook, says Cindy: "I had to wait until 53" to get married. #ialegis

Opposition: "Serious medical risks" apparently associated with "alternative lifestyle" aka being gay #ialegis

Cindy Jones worked w/Gov Vilsack, Culver-"Bring focus of legislative session back to the real issues-jobs, healthcare." #ialegis

William Schulte lost husband Rob in CO; b/c CO didn't recognize his marriage, he didn't get partner's death certificate. #ialegis

David Selman claims civil rights doesn't apply to gay rights, to give "special rights to sin is an abomination." #ialegis

Liz George speaks of losing her partner of 21 years, how her final wishes were not protected without marriage. #ialegis

Opposition: "Marriage did not receive fair representation in court because they (lawyers) did not cite the Bible." ?!? #ialegis

Iowa House HJR 6 Public Hearing 1/31/11 (Aksarbent)
"We do not seek to take away, we seek to protect," marriage "redefined" takes away the home, claims opposition. #ialegis

Rabbi David Kaufman, "I do not believe that the state should dictate" to faith traditions who they may or may not marry." #ialegis

"Don't give into the emotional bullying" of gay people, says one supporter of #HJR6 #ialegis

Rich Hendricks, pastor at Quad Cities Metro Comm. Church, & partner, "We give into this bigotry...where will it stop?" #ialegis

Jeff Angelo, Ames Former GOP State Senator, on #HJR6 "I have changed my position on this issue. I urge a 'no' vote." #ialegis
Marvin Smith claims the "devastation of 'gay lifestyle'" is "attack on our society." #ialegis

Jane Erickson, moved to Ames w/partner, "Moving out of the state meant giving up our marriage, we couldn't do it." #ialegis

Jane Green says #HJR6 "uphold the law of nature and nature's God" be denying gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. #ialegis

Suku Radia, CEO and President of Bankers Trust, Uganda native: "Iowans have no history of being intolerant." #ialegis

Suku Radia, CEO and President of Bankers Trust, Uganda native: "I know well the tyranny of intolerance." #ialegis

Iowa House HJR 6 Public Hearing 1/31/11 (Aksarbent)
Speaker # 3 for opposition claims he had to pull kids out of public school because of "activist teacher." #ialegis

Zach Wahls: "The sexual orientation of my parents has had zero effect on the content of my character." #ialegis

Zach Wahls, 6th generation Iowan--"I was raised by a gay couple and I'm doing pretty well." #ialegis

We're only on speaker #2 with the opposition before the "unintentional consequences" come up--"polygamy, schools." #ialegis
Danny Carroll of the IFPC opens opposition remarks, claims to speak for the people of Iowa. #ialegis

JasonClayworth Republican and former senator to speak in favor of same-sex marriage

Spotted: Married gay man Dean Genth having a conversation with anti-gay Sen. Kent Sorenson. Awkward! #ialegis

Pro-equality speakers filing in. Among them: Rev. Paul Johnson - Ames, Dean Genth - Mason City, Kim Jones, mother - Urbandale #ialegis

At the #HJR6 hearings. One Iowa blue well represented! #ialegis

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