Monday, December 20, 2010

Draw Jesus Day: Uh, oh. Bill Donohue and his fax machine The Catholic League isn't going to like this...
Yesterday those ad hoc troublemakers called Art+ organized 400-500 protesters to gather on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum and rally to demand that the Smithsonian return the censored video by artist David Wojnarowicz, “A Fire In My Belly,” to the National Portrait Gallery’s Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture.
     The march began in the middle of  Museum Mile and snaked uptown along Fifth Avenue to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, a Manhattan-based Smithsonian institution.
      Protesters yelled everything from “Put it back!” and “It’s Christmas, what’s wrong with you?” to the more satirical “Free the ants!
     The stink, resulting in the removal in late November by Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Glough, was manufactured by right-wing media outlets and caused by pressure from right-wing US congressman.

Not content merely to aid and abet Art+'s rabble-rousing,
Hyperallergenic has announced the following event:

We at aksarbent are happy to promote this kitcsh laudable art project and therefore relinquish the floor to Hyper­allergenic.
     We’re classy, so in response to the GOP’s attack on David Wojnarowicz’s “A Fire In My Belly” video, we want to celebrate freedom of expression in the face of the right-wing American political establishment that gets whipped up into an irrational frenzy any time LGBT people are treated as equals. To celebrate our freedoms and the beauty of America, we are announcing our first-ever (and perhaps only) “International Draw Jesus Day” event.
     Hyperallergic readers and fans with artistic abilities can submit their very own drawing of Jesus for publication on this blogazine on December 26th, which is known in Canada and the United Kingdom as Boxing Day.
     Bring it artists, we will show whatever you send us and NSFW is perfectly fine. Forget the people who want to censor our lives and art and long live freedom of expression!

Email all your submissions to and trust me, we can take it.

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