Tuesday, December 21, 2010

45-year-old Omaha bodybuilder
on January cover of Ironman

Todd Smith, who for years owned a popular Omaha gym before selling it to 24-Hour Fitness, strikes a (clich├ęd) pose on Iron Man's January cover.
     Smith, born and raised in Omaha, doesn't eat any cereal, pasta or bread, just lean proteins like chicken, fish and eggs as well as uncooked vegetables with every meal, and fresh fruit several times a day.
     In an Omaha World-Herald story, Michael O'Connor wrote that Steve Holman, Iron Man's editor-in-chief, picked Smith because he is a good example of how bodybuilders can be in top form in their 40s and beyond.
     Todd and wife Carmen have one daughter, who evidently has two mommies. Oh, just kidding.

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