Friday, November 19, 2010

Francois Sagat is not your father's gay porn star, sez saucy

Not to be outdone by People magazine's validation of Ryan Reynold's appeal, Salon has created a list (Men on Top 2010) a "celebration of what real sexiness looks like..." [emphasis added]

And isn't it adorable that substitutes "rear end" for butt? 

6. François Sagat

If you haven't heard of François Sagat, you should probably start watching a lot more gay porn. Since the 31-year-old Frenchman began appearing in American adult films about five years ago, he's emerged as a fascinating, enigmatic figure unlike the cookie-cutter beefcake most of us associate with the adult industry. Yes, the man does have an extraordinary body -- with a massive chest and arms that could easily crush a "Glee" cast member. He also has one of the most perfect rear ends in the history of rear ends. But rest assured, François Sagat is not your father's gay porn star.

A former skinny, shy fashion student who decided to bulk up after he saw an unflattering image of himself in a friend's movie, Sagat has become something of a cult figure in France...

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