Friday, April 10, 2009

mindful of the recent
LDS-guided California marriage
debacle, tip their feedcaps to

the Golden State...

(Alan Light photo)

...while New Yorkers
in Union Square
do the same to Iowa
(dressed in native

(JMG photo)

The Iowa Supreme court ruling was exactly 69 pages. Read it here:

Speaking of marriage, here is the best wedding video I've ever seen:


If you ever wondered what Todd 'N Tyler, Z92's craptastic dauphins of sneering heterosexual condescension, would look like in drag, look no further.


Looks like Improv Everywhere stunts have spread to Europe.

Here's one in Antwerp, Belgium. (Yes, THAT Antwerp)

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  1. I've managed to avoid Todd and Tyler for years. I'm sure I'm a better human being for the non-experience.

    My last full day in London, I saw thousands of zombies shuffling through Oxford Circus. Not the shoppers... thousands of high-school and college-aged kids dressed as zombies.

    Turns out they were on their way to Tralfalgar Square to try to break the record for number of costumed people dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." If I had known that, I probably would have followed them down there. It would have been a memorable sight in so many ways...